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Speaker | Facilitator

Credit: Pinpoint Photography, May 2022
Credit: Pinpoint Photography, May 2022

Danielle S. Russell has graced virtual and in-real-life stages to share her knowledge of the Not-for-Profit and Meetings Sectors, through story-telling based on her unique perspective, sense of humour, and lived experiences.

Danielle harnesses lessons learned from developing coping mechanisms from Introversion, overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a young, female, BIPOC leader in her field, discovering how essentialism could help her focus on what matters, and building her personal brand around impact.

A connector of ideas and people who lives by the motto “Everyone Must Serve”, Danielle crafts speeches, and workshops to help your community show up as the best version of themselves, and reach their fullest potential by dealing with some of the biggest challenges and big hairy topics of our era.

After a truly scarring experience during her elementary school speech days, Danielle joined Toast Masters as a high school student, and has continued to practice and hone the craft of public speaking ever since. In 2022 she taught for two semesters at Seneca College, where she further refined the art of making big ideas easy to understand.

Danielle would love to speak to your organization or event about:

  • The Introvert Experience: Creating Introvert Friendly Spaces
  • Imposter Syndrome and Mentorship
  • EDI: Lived Experience as a BIPOC Woman in Leadership
  • Minimalism and Essentialism
  • Finding Your Voice and Building Your Unique Brand
  • Making an Impact: The Best Use of Your Unique Talents and Resources

Danielle has recently appeared at:

  • The CSAE National Conference, October 2022 – Quite Down: Creating Experiences Introverts Won’t Dread
  • CSAE Young Professionals Network Webinar, May 2022 - Managing Imposter Syndrome: Panel Member
  • the EVENT, May 2022 - Quite Down: Creating Experiences Introverts Won’t Dread

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