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Fine Art

Under Construction

Danielle S. Russell draws from her own ancestry and history along with personal taste, to combine bright colour blocks remenicient of African, Caribbean, and Indigenous (Taino/Arawak), with pop art inspired shapes and styles, and some jigsaw puzzle motifs, to create a unique and recognizable style.

Working mostly in acrylic on canvas Danielle creates scenes from the everyday – like a bowl of ramen, to the idelic – tropical plant explosions, in bright and inviting colours. She is inspired to create works that charm the viewer, and bring joy and happiness into the spaces where they hang.

In 2022 Danielle worked alongside her mother – Marie Russell – to convert the living and dining rooms of their suburban Toronto home into side-by-side art studios. Danielle is documenting that journey as part of the content for her YouTube Channel – the One Woman Island.

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