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Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts (1)
  • A one-off rant gained an audience for weekly posts, that became a weekly newsletter, and inspired an entire book.

On April 27, 2021, ending a LinkedIn Post with “Those are my Tuesday Thoughts…” inspired a weekly reflection, and then somewhere along the line a call to action was added to help readers take concrete steps toward making impact.

By April of 2022 readers were providing feedback about how those small weekly actions were helping them to make noticeable change in their lives, and a community of likeminded aspiring impact makers was forming.

By December of 2022 the totality of that year’s Tuesday Thoughts numbered nearly 45,000 words, and along with thoughtful prompts, space to record the readers’ own thoughts, and monthly author reflections, over 150 pages of action oriented content ready set to inspire new readers, and reinspire loyal readers.

On January 16, 2023 The Tuesday Thoughts Companion, A Year of Small Actions for Big Impact, Volume 1 will be available through Amazon in Canada and around the world. And, the weekly tradition of Tuesday Thoughts will continue in Newsletter format on LinkedIn.

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